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My Birth

I was born at ‘Full Moon” on a certain day in 1948, I was told that the day I was born, it rained and the sun shone at the same time. My birth was not registered thus the actual day of my birth was a subject of speculation and determination based on social event around the time. I am the sixth child of my parents who are now both deceased.

Giving the circumstances of my conception and birth, I was not expected to survive. But I did.

My father is Chief Joseph Igbeyi Ukoko of Ezede Quarters in Uzereland in Isoko South Local Government Area of Delta State. My mother is Madam Christiana Ogbereyalagha Ukoko from Eka family of Enebeli Street; Ekiugbo in Ughelli North Local Government Area of Delta State... (click here to download complete book about me)

Alice Ukoko is a human right defender who has devoted her entire active life since 1994 to the campaign to end human rights abuses in Nigeria and to being the “voice” for African women and their families.

 The focus of her work has been to raise the awareness of the international community to the human right abuses going on in Nigeria and the Niger Delta in particular. Your visit to this website will enable you to read about one woman’s effort geared  towards saving a Nation of 150 million people.

Haven campaigned to end direct military rule in Nigeria, Alice Ukoko now wishes to extend her commitment to enthroning enduring democracy in Nigeria further. She wishes to lead a transparent government of reconstruction in Delta State from May 2007. This she hopes will give her the opportunity to lay the foundation of a modern Delta State.

She wish to affirm my belief in Nigeria and to say that, as man is perishable, the Almighty God who created and Blessed Nigeria (Niger Delta) shall “ARISE” to judge us all.

 If you are a believer in God then please READ: Isaiah chapter 10: from verse 1 to 34.

 Alice Ukoko is not a religious fanatic but she believes that there is a God who shall arise and judge us all whether we believe in Him or NOT.

 My Passion :

  Africa     ☼ Nigeria   Delta State / Niger Delta


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