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Africans during the slave trade Era:

History tells us that Africans from the Continent taken as “slaves” by the white slave traders resisted capture, died during the journey across Africa to the Americas and attempted to “escape” from the “slave master” at their countries of enslavement. Africans, according to history, endured torture, untold hardship and died as a result of their resolve to return to Africa their beloved Continent.

Africans in voluntary exile:

Whilst African during the slave trade era fought against their entrapment for slave work purposes, Africans in the 21st Century go into exile in the white man’s land voluntarily. Experience is showing that in order to migrate into foreign lands Africans employ strategies, which are “Legal” and “Illegal” according to the requirements imposed by the white man’s governments. The majority of Africans entering Europe, the Americas and other parts of the world, do so to escape the hardship and uncertainties of living in present day Africa for good. In order words, Africans are going into “voluntary exile” every minute of every day.

It becomes urgent for true Africans to come to terms with the realities facing Africa and her people if the benefits of globalisation are to be reaped by Africans like other citizens of the world.

But what changed?

Why are Africans in the 21st Century escaping into foreign lands through legitimate means, fraudulent means that includes forged Passports, other people’s Passports? Seeking Political protection from their various African countries as more and more Africans are embarking on never ending political conflicts.

Why are the majority of Africans living in the Diaspora unwilling to return Africa in order to transfer the knowledge and skills they have acquired in the Diaspora to the development of their beloved Continent?

Africans are home lovers hence a large proportion of Africans (Nigerians) who die in the Diaspora, wish their remains to be returned to Nigeria for burial.

Factors contributing to instability in Africa and possible way out:

Predominantly, some African Governments are disconnected from the people they say they govern to the extent that “Politics” is demonised and hence scarring people from challenging the criminal activities of those who claim to be governing the people.

Corruption is a major problem for Africans as the people are unable to challenge those in the positions of power in most African countries.

Those Africans who dare to challenge the these ills that have become a major source of the poverty that Africans now experienced are either killed, jailed or driven to seek asylum in foreign lands.

Please see the Report on Africa published by the Commission for Africa at www.commissionforafrica.gov.uk


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